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Finding the Best Vegetarian-Friendly Food in Derbyshire

Finding good vegetarian dining can be tricky at the best of times. Even nowadays, when more people choose to go meat-free than ever, it can be challenging to find quality food, especially without looking at expensive, fine-dining restaurants! 

But what if the very best vegetarian-friendly food in Derbyshire was in a quaint, comfortable, wonderful little pub? 

The Tickled Trout is an award-winning local pub in the heart of Barlow that just so happens to be every vegetarian’s dream – especially when it comes to quality food, the variety we have available, and where we get our ingredients from. If you’re tired of dining out at the same pubs that don’t exactly inspire veggie cuisine, we’re here to show you a world of difference.

Locally sourced ingredients

By vegetarian food, we do not mean that you’ll be stuck with canned vegetables and baskets of bread! When looking for a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in your local area, you should always take the time to check where the food has come from – as well as what’s available on the final menus!

At the Tickled Trout, we are proud to work closely with our local farmers and gardeners to always provide only the very best locally-sourced ingredients in our recipes. You can taste the pure goodness of the food in every bite and know that it was grown with love and with care for our local workers. 

By using locally-sourced ingredients, you can also ensure that you will always have only the best seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more to suit your palette and the weather outside! 

So, by eating with us at the Tickled Trout, you know you’re supporting the local community, and you can see where the food on your plate comes from.

In fact, as you look around the pub, the chances are you might see one of our local farmers sitting down for their meal for the night, too! Be sure to thank them for their great food! 

An abundance of options 

When you think ‘vegetarian cuisine’, there’s usually a bit of worry regarding options. After all, finding good quality, filling, and tasty vegetarian food isn’t always a given. In fact, more often than not, we’re just offered boring salads or pasta. That’s it. 

Here at the Tickled Trout, we believe that everyone should have access to plenty of options when it comes to their food, and that’s exactly what we provide! From sandwiches, pizzas, quick bites, and ratatouille dishes, to vegetarian burgers and gorgeous desserts, you have plenty to choose from! In fact, you might just have to come back a few times to try all of our yummy veggie options! You’ll never be disappointed! 

The best food in Derbyshire? We’ll give it a go!

Aside from having an abundance of fresh, locally-sourced options, the Tickled Trout can also guarantee the best food in the area for you – at least, that’s what our regulars keep telling us!

Alongside being a proud, classic British pub, the Tickled Trout is also a fully-fledged gastro pub! That means our culinary team is always up to speed on the latest flavours and the most tantalising dishes – and that goes for vegetarian cuisine, too. We can provide you with a meal you will not soon forget!

We also have a fantastic ale and wine list with many vegetarian-friendly options and, of course, plenty of soft drinks to go around. 

So, whether you’re into meaty meals or veggie goodness, we’re ready to show you a real difference in our home-cooked menu. If you’re struggling to find top-quality vegetarian meals in the local area, take a look at our online menus to help whet your appetite.


We’re more about the food and drink here at the Tickled Trout. You’ll instantly feel at home with our classic style, friendly staff, fantastic food and drink, and, of course, our wonderful locals! 

But, if you’re looking for more of a quiet drink, then don’t worry; you can get that all the same.

We want everyone to feel at home as soon as they walk in. The best part is, you don’t have to do any of the cooking! So, kick back, relax, and let us serve you some of the best vegetarian food you may ever taste in Derbyshire – right here at the Tickled Trout! 

For more information about our vegetarian options or to book a table, get in touch! Call us on 01142 891111 or email us at dine@tickledtroutbarlow.com. Or, if you’re nearby, stop by and have a break! 


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